Pipeline Details with dependency from Dashboard

Hello Everyone,
I have a requirement like there are aprox 500 pipelines are running already in production environment and every pipeline is calling multiple pipelines inside it to achieve the functionality.

I have to create the excel spreadsheet which will have the information main pipeline and all child pipeline in series of execution

**Let us suppose in the Projectspace 1 "A’ is the main pipeline and calling Child Pipeline ‘B’, **
’B’ is calling Child Pipeline 'C’and 'D’
And ‘C’ is calling Pipeline 'E’

And in Project Space 2 main Pipeline ‘X’ is calling Child pipeline ‘Y’

Then output should be like below

|ProjectSpace|Main Piepline |Child Pipeline|
|Project 1 | A | B |
|Project 1 | B |C & D|
|Project 1 | C |E |
|Project 2 | X |Y |

Hello @subhash.a.chandra,

I’ve attached a pipeline below, that will help you solve this task. Just list your project paths in the first snap - JSON Generator, and you are ready to go.

Pipeline Executions.slp (12.8 KB)

Here is what the final product looks like:


Bojan Velevski

thanks @bojanvelevski for your help