Pipeline details with Snaplex info

Looking to get a report of pipelines and their default snaplex. Anyone know how to join that snap list?

A pipeline doesn’t have a default Snaplex, do you mean a task?

Yes, that would be great. When I listed the pipeline assets, it came back with a defaut_snaplex attribute so I figured I could somehow look that up and join it. But we really want to know what pipelines run on what snaplexes so that we can migrate off of an obsolete one.

The default snaplex in the pipe map is the selected plex last time the pipe was edited and validated. It is not definitive.

A better place to look is Snaplogic pipe monitoring API. Each run time has a “runtime_path_id” attribute. That is the plex path that actually executed the pipe

Thanks Steve and Craig, I thought the API might have something but couldn’t find docs so ran to the community. I appreciate the help for sure!