Pipeline Directory Generator

Created by Chris Ward, SnapLogic

This pipeline generates a Google Sheet containing key information relating to all Pipelines within a customers org. This allows customers to maintain both a consolidated & up to date view of all Pipelines within a specific Org alongside its last run status and other important metadata. The Pipeline would need to be scheduled to run on a set cadence.

The pattern could be further adapted to write the output to an alternative destination or even consumed externally as an API.


The following pipeline parameters can be used to configure certain aspects of the Pipeline.

  • OrgName
  • GoogleSheetName
  • GoogleWorksheetName

Sources: SnapLogic API & Metadata Snaps
Targets: Google Sheets
Snaps used: SnapLogic Metadata, REST Get, JSON Splitter, Mapper, Join, Sort, Google Sheets Worksheet Writer


Pipeline Directory Generator.slp (19.7 KB)