Pipeline is getting invoked two times for a single incoming message

Hi Experts,

I’m seeing this weird behaviour in one of my pipeline. Where if I send a JSON request to it, its processing the same request two times.
I enabled the trace on Task as well and I can see that logs are generating for the same message two time in a gap of 30secs.

During the analysis I checked if the external system is triggering 2 messages for 1 single message but its only sending one request message.

Please let me know if you’ve faced this issue or if there is a workaround for this, also if there is something additional info is required.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Abhishek,

I can take a closer look from our end – would you mind sending me a direct message with the Task you’re seeing this for and the day and time it occurred?


Hi tlikarish,

Thanks for the reply and sorry for my delayed response.

We’ve identified the issue at the external system, the response was getting delayed cause of processing hence pipeline was retying to send the message.

It has been fixed by them.


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