Pipeline Monitor API to Excel Multi Sheet Formatter - pipeline

Hi there,

I built a simple pipeline to extract all the pipelines from my dev org and write into a excel file.

I have 2 types of pipelines and trying to write into different sheets of excel using Excel Multi Sheet Formatter.

But when I use it gives me Null pointer exception as its not accepting the input.

May I know what I am doing wrong here?

attached the pipeline I built


Manohartest2_2020_10_20 (1).slp (26.8 KB)

Hi Manohar,

I downloaded the pipeline and tried at my end. I didn’t see null pointer exception and excel file got generated with 2 sheets “SuccessPipelines” and “ErrorPipelines”. Let me know if I understand anything wrong.

Thanks Sowmya,

just found out that the issue is because od fontconfig missing on the snaplex; based on the SnapLogic Documentation

once I added that, it worked.

Thanks again for looking into it.