Pipeline parameters

is it possible to set pipeline parameters via a mapper? its not working for me as expected. maybe i’m going about designing the pipeline wrong… but essentially i want the values passed into the Task (arguments from a web service callout) to carry through and if there is a failure emails the person that triggered the event. if its successful it emails them a success email.

No, the parameters are global to all snaps which means they cannot be changed during an execution. If they could be changed, the changes would show up in different snaps at unpredictable times. For example, in a mapper, two different expressions that reference the same parameter might get different values.

If you’re not able to pass through the original document, you can move parts of the pipeline into a child pipeline that is invoked with the PipelineExecute snap. You can then pass the values as pipeline parameters to the child execution.

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use child pipeline to pass parameters.

Create separate pipeline for email with email snap.Lets say its “Send Email” pipeline

Call this pipeline via “Pipeline Execute” snap. Pass you useremail as $useremail to child pipeline “Send Email”.