Proper way to replace files path when importing Pipelines from Development to Production

File paths read in our pipeline are different in the Dev and Prod environment.
Ex: mybucket/DEV/file1.csv vs mybucket/PROD/file1.csv

We develop our pipeline in Dev project using DEV path; and when importing to the Prod project we manually change DEV by PROD in the Snaps referring to the file paths.
I’m sure there is some smarter (read dynamic/automatic/safer) way to replace path and other environment dependent settings when importing pipelines.

Can anybody provide some recommendation?

…I’m new on SL and haven’t found the proper way for promotion managment

thanks in advance,


We typically use a control file to handle this. You would place your path in the the text file and a variable in the snaps. When you promote code just change it there. That way you know you got them all.

Hope that helps!