Purple to Redshift-WiFi Analytics

Created by @asharifian , SnapLogic

This pattern integrates Purple with Redshift. Purple is a WiFi analytics application that builds detailed visitor profiles and tracks visitors in your venues, such as conferences, workshops, gatherings, etc. At Purple, all of the data collected is stored within a centralized, enterprise-class reporting suite, available for analysis. This pattern retrieves the analytics data from Purple and bulk upserts it into Redshift for reporting and additional data analytics purposes.


A child pipeline is used to generate the HMAC SHA256 key. This is a requirement for the Purple API’s.

Sources: Purple Venues, Visitors
Targets: Redshift database tables to store venue and visitor data.
Snaps used: Mapper, Pipeline Execute, REST Get, JSON Splitter, Copy, Redshift Bulk Upsert, Script, Join


Purple to Redshift-WiFi Analytics.slp (21.4 KB)
HMAC_SHA256.slp (18.5 KB)