Query parameters

What is the use of capture check box use in query parameters in pipeline?

Selecting this checkbox will send the value of the parameter to the pipeline runtime history if the pipeline is run through a task or another pipeline with PipeExecute or ForEach.

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@dmiller, I have one query regarding Pipeline Parameters Capture option. I Have enabled Capture option and it is working fine(When I pass a value while calling Pipeline via Task/another Pipeline it is taking value that I have passed. If I send nothing it is taking value defined there). If I disable the capture option It should Ideally take the value defined there. But When I tried uncheck Capture(Say Default value defined is “X”) and sending a Query Parameter to Pipline(Say I have passed “Y”) Via Task URL/Pipeline Execute it is taking “Y” Instead of “X”. Is this a Bug or it is the expected Behaviour?

Sandeep, if I am understanding correctly, the best way to think about it is default values are default values independent of “capture”. If there is a default value, it will pick up if nothing is passed.

For capture, if you enable “capture” then you can track and view those values for a given execution. Those options should be considered independent from each other.

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