Read Access causes SQL in select snap to lose formatting

My friendly SnapLogic Admin gave me Read and Execute on my snaps in our production snaplogic environment. So I can see things and execute pipelines. Works great. Why did the SnapLogic developers decide that because I have Read access that I would want all of the sql in the select snaps to lose their formatting? Our SQL is quite long and every time I get SQL from prod I have to spend 10 mins reformatting my code. Now please, I know how to paste the one line of mangled code I get from SnapLogic into a developer tool and click format SQL. That is not what I want at all. I want my code formatted the way I did it exactly the way it was when I put it in. Not only that but when I hover over the code I can see that it is formatted in the hover popup, but im not allowed to copy the formatted sql in the hover popup. Why? In our lower tiers I have write access and this is not an issue.

A defect has been submitted.

@Mark Can you tell us which Snap in particular you are seeing this in? It will help the Dev team verify the issue.

This occurs in the Generic JDBC Execute Snap. If you need a image I could do that in a email.