Read jpeg files in batch from sftp server


Can I read jpeg files in batch from the sftp server in Snaplogic and write the same to target sftp location in batch after doing file name renaming.

For Example, my sftp source location has 5000 files, but I need to read 1000 files rename the file name using a lookup and write the jpeg files to target sftp location.

I can do for a single file now. But considering the number files in source per day, I need to read, rename and write in batch. Can you help me if I can do in Snaplogic or any other solution also.


While there are more efficient solutions, they easiest way to accomplish is to use directory browser to get the source file names, perform your lookup to get the target name, then call a child pipeline using Pipeline Execute with source and target name as pipeline parameters to perform the read / write to move the file.