Read JSON Values


I have the below output from a mapper snap and I want to read the value from it. Could you suggest how to do it?

Required output - /hcmService/FlowActionsService?WSDL

JSON output from mapper is as below -


Hi @amit.saroha ,

What do you mean by reading it?
To capture the value from the json output you need to add a mapper snap to it and map the variable ‘HCM_Account’

Or am I misunderstanding something?



@JensDeveloper - I only need value part - /hcmService/FlowActionsService?WSDL


@amit.saroha ,

But you have it already into the variable $database_Account. So you need the value as a key or what do you wish to do with it?

I want this to be passed in another pipeline parameter as - /hcmService/FlowActionsService?WSDL
I mean only the value.

Okay. So that means that you need to define it into the pipeline execute.
You can choose which name you want to give it to then use it into the child pipeline.
Example below:
Defined the parameter name: Database_Account

Next in the child pipeline you add the name in the pipeline parameters

And then you can use it in that pipeline.

But if you mean by only the value then you should map the value to the key so that means:
$Database_Account : “/hcmService/FlowActionService?WSDL”
$/hcmService/FlowActionService?WSDL : “/hcmService/FlowActionService?WSDL”
And then pass it on as parameter name.

Is this what you mean?

If you pass the value in as a parameter to a pipeline, it will then be referenced as _Database_Account not $Database_Account. You can just send the doc stream into the pipeline and then reference it as $Database_Account and it will be push down and saved to $original.Database_Account

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