Reading Custom Headers from a triggered Task

I have not been able to access any custom header parameter (not query or URI parameter) that I am posting to snaplogic after I setup a triggered task for a pipeline. I am able to get the JSON in the body successfully but havent been able to find a way to access the customized header parameter (not standard) that was added. Is there any way to get this?

Do you want to access the header from the pipeline? I believe the headers available to the pipeline are restricted to the ones mentioned in the trigger task documentation. Parameters can be passed via the path, query string, or request body. If that doesn’t work for you, do you mind explaining a bit more about what you’re trying to do?

Sure, let me explain:
My customers are making an API call with 2 custom headers to my exposed API.
Example: with custom headers

This is currently in place using another integration platform that reviews the incoming API call’s custom headers and returns back data in custom header. I will not be able to make changes to start using parameters instead of custom headers as it would be a big change for all my existing customers. To make it seemless when I adopt or migrate to SnapLogic, I need the ability to read the custom headers from a triggered task. Note the custom headers get captured in the response header file when you turn on the trace log option, it is just that I cannot access it from the snap in pipeline.

Another way to look at it is if SnapLogic allows making an API call with custom headers then it should also allow reading custom headers from incoming traffic.
Today in snaplogic if I make a Rest Get call (to an API) that sends back custom headers, I am able to access it from the result as below
{protoVersion:HTTP/1.1, statusCode:200, reasonPhrase:OK}
{x-org-challenge:+VIPNDL8dyz3TWMTgtQJLA==, cache-control:private, set-cookie:SERVERID=orgsecurity_1_10.42.4.63; path=/, transfer-encoding:chunked, content-type:application/jso…}

Notice x-org-challenge is the custom header that the API returns back which I can use in my pipeline.

Why then is SnapLogic not able to give me the custom headers when an external resource hits the snaplogic api which is setup as triggered task?

Think about it this way, if you make an API call with custom headers from snaplogic to snaplogic the receiving snaplogic will not be able to read the custom headers sent.