Remote file renaming/moving


I have a requirement to push a file to SFTP server. But since the file is quite large and to avoid race condition (we writing and remote function reading at the same time) we like to write the file with different extension or to a temp folder in remote server and them rename or move the file at the server.

None for the File snaps support these feature. Could you please help me identify a way around to address above problem.

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This would be a great enhancement request. Move function for all Files related snap (e.g. File and Box snaps)

Why can’t you write with a .temp extension and use a python script to rename/move to the desired location?


One of your colleague directed me in this way, technically it does work. But it isn’t straight forward for “Citizen Integrator”. If the file writer Snap can have a check box “Use .temp while uploading” would be more simple solution.


I agree. Box has move function available through “Box File Operation” snap. But for SFTP, S3 and others we do not have dedicated snap which makes it difficult. One option as I mentioned below is to provide a check box for File Writer snap to write .temp file while uploading and rename to original filename once uploaded.

yes and no. Couldn’t it perform rename if the account is SFTP and mv (for move) if account is S3?

Yes I too facing the same. It will be great if we have separate snap for (SFTP/FTP/File writer) or any options for file copy/move operation like “Box File Operations”.

Looking the same and waiting for enhancements.

Look at this posting that I just made. Hope this helps meanwhile.

Thank you so much!:slight_smile:

We requested for File move snap with snaplogic.

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Any update on this?

Using “File Operation” snap you can able to copy/move files in FTP, S3 etc

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Thanks. I will get back with observations.