Remove users from Active Directory group?

How can I remove users from an Active Directory group using SnapLogic?

I have been able to add a user with the ‘Active Directory Add Member’ snap, but there doesn’t seem to be a snap to remove a user.


Hi @mmbabel , I want to remove some particular member(CN=Member_Name,OU=Users,OU=Office_Location,OU=company_name,DC=corp,DC=Company_Short_Name,DC=com) from a particular Distribution List(DL) [CN=Distribution_List_Name,OU=Distribution Lists,DC=corp,DC=Company_Short_Name,DC=com]. How is this possible through this Active Directory Disable Snap?

Here , there is only option is to give Distinguished Name . But in this case , what will be the distinguished name ?

@Rudradip are you not able to use like thisimage

No. I am getting error that it is not valid distinguished name .

Hi @mmbabel

Apologies if I am misunderstanding something, but I want to be able to remove a user from a group entirely. Would this snap allow for that?

Hi @jervin , My requirement is also same . Can you please help @mmbabel ?

Any update on this thing ?