Rest API Snap Issue: Too Many Request

Hi All,

Whenever the using the Rest API Post Snap, Facing Issue Like :“x-amzn-errortype”:

please help me on this isuue.


Seems to be an error from the end point that you’re posting to. They’re saying that their service is too busy to handle your request. Sounds like an Amazon API gateway, so probably exceeding the limits that have been configured.

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Hi christwr,

Thank you for reply, Yes its correct it is a Limitation of the Instances.


The REST POST Snap doesn’t have an interval, this was implemented for the REST Get pagination requests, not all requests. If you need to slow down the requests, you could use a script snap just before the REST POST to ensure there is an appropriate delay between documents, thereby avoiding the rate throttling of the Amazon service.

We introduced the delay between JSON generator and Rest Post Snap we are getting error.

What is the error?

Hi tlui,
Below is the error:

reason":“REST API service endpoint returned error result: status code = 429, reason phrase = , refer to the error_entity field in the error view document for more details”

“resolution”:“Please check the values of Snap properties.”

Header Level: