Rest API to convert JSON to Excel and return Response to Requester

Would like to take the results of an Ultra Task API request and return results in Excel Document instead of JSON. Anyone done this or have any ideas?

add Excel formatter Snap

Thanks, but that creates a binary output how do you send it back to the HTTP requester?

I might be missing something in translation, but add a formatter and then a parser.

Trying to take the output of a pipeline initiated as an Ultra Task then converts the stream into an Excel document then send it back to the Requester. So think if you have a pipeline that queries the a DB then sends the results back as either a JSON or Excel document as a Restful service. The Excel formatter can only connect to a binary input. Not looking to write to file but output as a stream of binary data with a mime type of “application/” or something else

Posted this a while ago and got a few suggestions but nothing that really worked. Trying to create a RestFul Endpoint that can return data as Json, CSV or Excel based on a format input param. I am going to attach a sample project I created but it doesn’t do wha we need. It takes an input stream in this case a statice excel file parses it to a json document and then tries to return
it as am Excel type to requestor. Any insight out there? (9.2 KB)