Rest GET - Next URL with page=# syntax with no metadata


I’m calling a REST API which requires me to increment a ‘page’ value in order to get all the results. The issue is the API doesn’t return any metadata. For example:

1st call is:


Has next: typeof $entity == ‘array’ && $entity.length > 0
Next URL:

The problem is how to I compute the 2 (then 3,4,5… etc) Is it possible to increment a value by 1 on every subsequent call? Or is it possible to access a variable that counts how many times the call has been made?


For Next URL I believe you can use the expression:

'' + (snap.out.totalCount + 1).toString() to have second request add 2, then 3, 4, 5, and so on.

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Thanks @cjhoward18, that worked for me!