Rest PUT - Error when using upload files field

Hi everyone,

I am able to upload incoming data into blob storage with the below pipeline but not the format I am expecting.

I need to do it this way: Get Data ->CSV Formatter->File Writer-> Upload to SLDB → Rest PUT (use the file as an expression in Upload files).

But I am facing the below error doing so. Any Suggestions?

I don’t see a File Writer snap in your pipeline? I see BinaryToDocument and then Rest Put. Correct me if I am wrong.

Hi @smudassir , I have not used file writer in the above pipeline but I will upload the file using file writer and read it using the upload files field in the REST PUT.

Well, 501 is a server side error. Can you enable the error view on the Rest Put snap, and provide the error view details here?

Hi @Trakmaker,
Can you share which headers are you passing in the REST Put snap ?


Try to add Transfer-Encoding header as well ( Transfer-Encoding ).

I would say lets refer to the REST PUT API doc for this endpoint and try to set Transfer-Encoding header accordingly.

Hi @smudassir , It is working when we don’t use a file upload and input stream gets through REST PUT and only the last document is there in the file, but we want the complete data in the file, hence we are trying to load it to a file and upload it back through REST PUT

I’m still getting the below error :

Reason : Transfer-encoding header already present

consider raising a ticket. Provide two pipelines. One that is working without file upload. The other thats failing with file upload.