REST Snap Public API Error

I am still kind of new to Snaplogic. So I apologize in advance if I don’t provide enough information.
I have a REST GET Monitoring snap that we use to get current time and prior runtimes so a pipeline down the line can determine what information is new.

Since Friday it has failed. I have made a lot of progress in working in this system but I haven’t dealt with this kind of Snap yet so I am kind of lost.,

It references the Service URL below.
But when it tries to connect I get the error below.

“Failure: Failed to execute HTTP request, Reason: Received redirect response HTTP/1.1 307 TEMPORARY REDIRECT but no location header, Resolution: Please check the Snap properties.”

Is this just an error with Snaplogic’s public API site?

@christianj are you calling that URL specifically? I would expect that to result in a 404 not a 307 - you normally have to append to that URL with the Org(anization) name (to list) and a runtime id (for a particular execution).