Retrieve the details of executing pipelines in another pipeline as an input

The purpose is to create a logging pipeline that stores the info of executing pipeline in a file format.

Logging pipeline shall receive the following as inputs

  • Executing master pipeline name (required)
  • Executing master pipeline Id (required )
  • Execution Id (required )
  • Log Type (optional)
  • Log Category (optional)
  • Log Message (optional)

Logging pipeline shall log messages to a file

Hi @Himani,

In my opinion the easiest way to achieve this is to have “Logging pipeline” and with “Pipeline execute” snap to pass the following parameters:

  1. pipe.label (Executing master pipeline name)
  2. pipe.instanceId (Executing master pipeline Id)
  3. pipe.ruuid (Execution Id)


Settings for pipeline execute snap:

If you need to customize optional message some how, simply add mapper before pipeline execute.

If you need more information about “Pipeline Functions and Properties”, please check SnapLogic documentation:

Pero M.