Route User to Webpage

We’re attempting to create a pipeline that can be triggered from our web page when a user clicks on a hyperlink.

We’ve created the pipeline so that it performs some operations (no problems with that so far).

But when the pipeline finishes running, it should take the user to another web page. This part, we cannot figure out. So if I wanted to send a user to, how would I get my pipeline to do that?

Thanks in advance,

Mike Kramer

The unlinked output of the pipeline needs to be binary and you need to get the ‘status’ and ‘location’ properties into the binary document header. The ‘status’ should be set to the HTTP status code you want to return, probably 302 if this is a GET request or 303 if it’s a POST. The ‘location’ property should be the URL you want to send the client to. Here is an example pipeline that uses a JSON Formatter configured to put the ‘status’ and ‘location’ values into the binary header:

Redirect_2018_04_27.slp (3.3 KB)

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