Salesforce Account Documentation

Is there complete documentation anywhere for setting up connectivity to Salesforce whether an account a Connected app or otherwise?

It seems that the existing documentation assumes you know certain things about Salesforce Accounts. Like the difference between Account, Dynamic Account and Oauth2. It would be great if there were pointers to Salesforce documentation and the connection between the “Account Details” and what is needed in the Snap.

A video where it actually shows you setting it up would be great. The videos seem to all start after you’ve set up the account.

I have forwarded this feedback to our Documentation team and I’ll see if we have any videos or other information.

In the mean time, is there anything specifically you need clarification on?

Well I need the full process on how to setup the Dynamic Account.

What do I need to do in Salesforce and then what values I set in the Snap. I need the map of where I get that access token.

I tried based on what fields were available in the Snap.

The instructions are not clear:

· A Salesforce Dynamic Account with values supplied by pipeline parameters. You must use pipeline parameters since accounts get initialized before Snaps.

First, send a out-of-band POST to “” such as:

What is client_id, what is client_secret?