Salesforce Contacts - Database Replication (SQL Server-MongoDB-Oracle)

Created by @asharifian

This pattern provides an example pipeline to replicate data from Salesforce to multiple different database types: SQL Server, MongoDB, and Oracle. Data replication is useful for disaster recovery, analytics, and improves overall system resilience and reliability.


Two approaches are covered in this pattern:

  1. Data replication post success of an insert into a dependent database, such as data first getting inserted into MongoDB, and upon success, inserted into Oracle.
  2. Data replication in parallel, such as data being inserted to MongoDB and SQL Server in a parallel fashion.

Sources: Salesforce Contacts
Targets: Database tables for customer contact information in SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle
Snaps used: Salesforce Read, Mapper, Copy, MongoDB - Insert, SQL Server - Insert, Oracle - Insert


Salesforce Contacts-Database Replication (SQL Server-MDB-Oracle).slp (14.5 KB)