Salesforce Oauth Redirect URL for Snaplogic

The documentation says you use <SnapLogic_POD_Name> but does not take the time to explain what that is or provide an example; I can guess but would rather not. Kindly confirm what that value should be and/or where one would find it. Thanks.

Thanks for the pointer. Updated the doc clarifying the POD name:

Thank you for the insanely quick response. Sincerely.

Also, as feedback, I think you should outline what the ideal Salesforce Connected App looks like. While I was able to figure this out, I also have a plethora of experience with the Salesforce Platform. For someone who does not, but simply wants to move Salesforce data with the iPaaS, the new Snap Pack is a step backward from an ease of use perspective to be sure. And that is not to say that it can be avoided or that the benefits of being able to use Bulk v2 do not justify the complexity but I digress.

Adding in an example of a optimally configured Salesforce Connected App, pointing to the Salesforce documentation on how to configure it, and mapping the labels of a Salesforce Connected App to the corresponding labels in the Snap Configuration window for Account Edit (the current help bubble over Client ID points to a page about Google Oauth configuration as a for instance) would empower a novice to configure both systems quickly and get back to moving data.

Thanks again for the support.

Thanks, Ron, for your feedback. Including third-party app information in SnapLogic docs is something we consider on a need basis. We will surely consider it for the Salesforce app going forward.