Salesforce Report Data into Snaplogic

Hi all,
How to get Salesforce Report Data into Snaplogic,
example in salesforce we have one report,in that report we have 10 records,these records i need in snaplogic, how to get this records into snaplogic.

if any idea please help me on this,


Have you tried using the Salesforce Read Snap, from the Salesforce Snap Pack?

Hi Christwr,
Ya i tried using Salesforce read snap,but we are not getting records,we are getting only reports which i have created in salesforce,i need records which are inside the reports.

Is the “report” some kind of format, where you can use one of the “parser” snaps in the Transform Snap Pack? Or maybe instead of pulling a report from SF, you can query the data similar to however the report is doing?

Thanks for reply,
Please provide me any document,or any screen shots u have,i am unable to get records(data) in snaplogic from SF,i tried using parser also its not working.

Hi all, I am also interested in the solution found!