Salesforce to Redshift

Hello Community,

We are planning to implement a solution loading data from SFDC to Redshift, I searched for a pattern and found the following blog post helps very much.
Unfortunately, we searched in the patterns but didn’t find the relevant one. We are now looking for the pipelines.

Could someone help here please guide or share some info?

Salesforce data has to be ingested into Redshift.

Thank you.

The author of that blog is no longer with SnapLogic, but let me see if someone can find the pipelines.

Thanks for your response. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.


Any update on the pipelines? We are trying to implement exactly same.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.


I was able to find the main pipeline at the beginning, but do not see the others.
SCopy - 1.0.2 (Master) SFDC Metadata to RS Schemas_2022_10_11.slp (54.7 KB)

Thanks a ton.