SAP execute snap failing for integer parameter


I am using SAP execute snap to call custom BAPI in SAP. My BAPI function has an request parameter of type integer. When I map the request and validate the pipeline, I am receiving below error. Any help on this is much appreciated.

“reason”: “One or more data errors occurred during document conversion”,
“snap_details”: {
“error”: [
“error”: “Record: ZSS2S_xxxxx_xxxxxT field: INDX type: Integer value: 2”
“resolution”: “Please enable the error view to see more details”

Did you enable the error view and see the details?

Thanks & Regards,

@nganapathiraju, Yeah, above error was captured from error view.

Hello Prakash,

How did you resolve the error referred in the above post ? We’re also facing challenge posting data using SAP BAPI. In our case we’re not able to pass a table structure (out of 2 table structure) to SAP BAPI.

Yashu Vyas

@vyasyash, Hi, It’s know issue and we have open case with SnapLogic.

Thanks for your response Prakash, is SL support still working on it. So far we were under the assumption that either there is some issue at SAP end or we’re not mapping it correctly in SnapLogic.

@vyasyash, Whats the snap pack version you are using ?

It’s snapsmrc414 (default). Just to understand your problem again, you guys are also not able to pass the multiple table structures in SAP BAPI, which is a very common use case with SAP integration.