Script Snap user interface challenges

In using the Script snap to invoke a script for transformation, I find the UI behavior relating to the Script file input box and Edit script button. Let me describe what I did and what I find confusing.

I started out testing a script that I entered using the Edit Script button. At some point, I opted to use an IDE to edit the script so I uploaded the script file to my project and used the Script file input box to specify the file name. If I click on the Edit Script button now, I see the old version of my script instead of the contents of the uploaded script file. I deleted the contents from the Edit Script window and saved. If I press Edit Script again, it generates the base script template.

It seems like the Script file and Edit Script button are meant to be mutually exclusive. Why doesn’t the UI disable the Edit Script button after I point to a script file?

Yes, they are mutually exclusive. I agree that the UI of the snap should make this more explicit by disabling the Edit Script button when a script file has been configured.

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