Send email notification to specific users using schema data

We have a SQL table which contains the user mail ID and the comments/approval submitted by the user on a given date. Now I require to send out mail notification to dynamic user with details to notify them towards their pending actions.

I am new to snaplogic technology so would appreciate the help or guidance.

you can try the followings:
JDBC Execute > Email Sender

JDBC Execute : SQL query that identify pending actions rows
Email Sender : place the recipient email from the data retrieved in the “To” field and placed the comments / details in the “Template body” field.

Keep in mind this is streaming execution. If there are 1000 rows then it will send 1000 email individually.

Can the data not be put into an HTML table so that snap treats it as one document ,so that users receive one email with their respective pending actions against their names in a table.

You can and you would need to use “group by” to get it back to an single document. As for formatting the array, that part would be something you need to play with a bit. Another thing you can try is to use CSV formatter to get it in a delimited form.

The EMail Sender Snap has the ability to put the input documents into an HTML Table. By default, the Snap will batch up to 100 incoming documents into each message (100 input documents = 1 email sent), based on the Batch size specified in the Snap properties.
Let me know if you need more detail or want an example.