Send email notifications on errors without SMPT server

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to figure out is there a way to send notifications via email on errors without SMTP server as I do not necessarily need to attach files or error documents? Like the notifications that are sent on tasks execution.

I have a parent pipeline with 3 child pipelines. The parent pipeline is triggered by cron task. And what I want is to be notified when one of the child pipelines fails, but the parent pipeline proceeds without stopping.
The cron task for the parent pipeline is configured to send emails on errors and something similar I want for the child pipelines. So I tried to use “Task Execute” instead of “Pipeline Execute” (and created separate tasks) to trigger the child pipelines, but when a child fails, and “Task Execute” snap is configured to discard and continue or route to error view (since I wish the parent pipeline to proceed) the task doesn’t send notification .


In general, I planned to use “Send Email” snap for error pipeline and that would satisfy our needs, but for now my colleagues are trying to figure out which SMTP server to use when we are using cloudplex. That’s why I hoped there is some workaround for now, since the problem seems to be a trivial one.

Any help is highly appreciated!

@svparhom You can try to use Exit snap and use Threshold limit as 1 in your child pipeline. It will throw error explicitly.

Hello @Supratim , thank you for your reply!
I actually discovered that at the first place the error failing the whole process was “Pipeline has no unlinked input views, but there is input data” for the child pipeline, which is weird, because there is no parameter or input data for that pipeline. Anyway, I opened one input view, and now the situation is opposite - the child task won’t send notification on failure when the “Task Execute” is configured to discard and continue or route to error view. Updated my question respectively.
By the way, I also tried to use “Exit” - didn’t help…

So I couldn’t find a solution and reached out the support and they provided me with one.

Turned out that there is no straightforward solution, so it was proposed to create one extra task, which is triggered from the error pipeline by ‘REST get’ snap when an error occurs in a child and runs some pipeline that always fails, like generation of an improper JSON with “JSON Generator” snap.
In this way, that extra task fails and sends notification.
As the result, I can use “Pipeline Execute” instead of “Task Execute” in the parent pipeline for triggering the child pipelines.