ServiceNow-Microsoft Dynamics 365-Leads Integration

Created by @asharifian, SnapLogic

This pattern retrieves leads from ServiceNow and sends them to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM application. Upon success or error, the integration log is sent back to a different table in ServiceNow for monitoring/tracking purposes. Within Dynamics 365, leads can be managed and tracked throughout their lifecycle. This also allows for lead automation to enter your sales funnel, and from there you can utilize social media, campaigns, marketing, etc. to further your sales.


This is a bi-directional integration in that leads data is first retrieved from ServiceNow, created in Dynamics 365, and the result of that creation attempt is sent back to ServiceNow for further logging.

Sources: ServiceNow Leads
Targets: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Lead
Snaps used: Rest GET, Mapper, Rest POST, Copy, Join, Union, JSON Formatter, Binary to Document, Dynamics 365 For Sales Create, JSON Splitter


ServiceNow-MS Dynamics 365-Leads Integration.slp (21.6 KB)