Session Start / End Alert Notification Email

Hi Team,

We have set the Session start and Session end alerts in the Snaplogic UI and we started receiving notifications like below. We would like to know what is this IP address means and when is this email getting triggered.
Is this email triggered when user logs in?

We could not get enough information from this link.

Dhivya Aroma.

@Dhivya_Aroma1, did you mean to include a copy of the message you received?

Hi @dmiller,
I am sharing the information from the mail.
Subject of the mail: [EXT]SnapLogic audit event notification for Session Start
From: SnapLogic
Body of the Mail: SnapLogic notification message: started the session from IP in organization XXXXXXXX

Yes, this the message is for when a user logs in.
Iā€™m verifying with Dev on the IP address.

Thanks @dmiller. Sure that would help us.

The documentation was updated with the following information on session end & session start:

The notification indicates which user (by user email) started or ended a session and the following details about the user:

  • The Org to which the user accessed.
  • The IP address of the user.
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