Setting the notifications email as a Parameter/property

Just wondering if there is a mechanism to set the Notifications email address in a task as a parameter or external property value ?
In Dev & Test - use a different email address than in prod
In Prod - access is controlled - so modify the recipients without access to the task specifically.

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You can set email addresses either through variables or parameters.

Parameters are the way that I have seen at different clients. Generally a mailbox or group is recommended so that you dont have to change the emails often.

Perhaps you can explain further please ?

To me it looks like its a plain text field only. We already have a defined Distribution list email in that field, but want to only email that group from production - when executing the scheduled task in prod.

So if we can set the notifications email field to be “$paramEmailToNotify” and in Dev & test set this value to "" and then in Prod set this to be ""

We want to do something like utilise a properties file that holds the relevant email address for the environment, then have the value for the email address be substituted on task execution ?

By externalising the notification email - you don’t need to adjust any values on Production deployment.


The way we solved this was to use the pipe.plexPath function

plexPath": "/ConnectFasterInc/shared/cloud-dev

You can use that to determine which org and use the specific parameters defined for your emails.


$plexPath.contains(‘ConnectFasterInc’)? $prod_email : $dev_email

Let me know if this does not sound a solution. You know your orgs and emails to which it should email in those orgs.

You dont need properties file for this.

I meant

$plexPath.contains(‘ConnectFasterInc’)? _prod_email : _dev_email

where _prod_email and _dev_email or the pipeline parameters.

Appreciate your help.

I added 2 parameters - Dev_email & Prod_email to a pipeline
Created a schedule
And attempted to add logic to the notifications field (either using _ProdEmail or $ProdEmail via a mapper)
Error reports :

$plexPath.contains(‘Prod’)? $prod_email : $dev_email must be a valid email address.

Thoughts ?

You do that in the email snap not on the task.

in the to address.

Thanks Naveen

So you are saying - you are unable to parameterise the Task Notification email field – you have to add an email snap & use email logic in the pipeline ?

Sort of defeats the purpose …




Have a great day …!

I should have read your question first properly. You asked Task.

There is currently no way of doing it on the TASK directly.

IF you had email snaps used for error handling and success in the pipeline, you could handle the way I suggested.

Instead of putting notification emails on the Task, if you move it into the pipeline, you have more control on what email groups should be reached because on the Task, it is static.

But I can understand each customer/integration will have its own requirement of emailing things based on the design.

There is an open request for making the task notification email parameterizable.
I’ll add you to the requestors.

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