Setting up SFTP connection to download file

I am new to SnapLogic and currently learning how to use SnapLogic. At this moment, I am looking for some guidance how to create a pipeline that logs into a remote FTP server via SFTP and download a file to my share folder.

I already created a SSH Account. My next is I don’t know which snap to be used to make the connection to FTP server and download the file.

Please help

Hi @mtran21,

You can use File Reader, provide the URL to the FTP server such as s, and select the SSH account you have created. Then connect it to File Writer snap to write it to the destination you want.

See also


Thank you. That is very helpful.

I am attempting to upload PGP Encrypted file to a SFTP server

What should be the encrypted_filename here? How do I get the encrypted file name?


@mtran21 … In file write , you can specify the filename what you want to write to target system. This encrypted_filename is whatever filename you use in PGP encrypt file. If you use any pattern can write in pipeline param then use it or if you want to hard code like->
‘-myEncryptFile-’’.xml’ instead of $[encrypted_file]

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