Setting up SSH account

Hi. I’m trying to set up an SSH Auth account in order to connect to an SFTP server.
I’ve been given a .ppk file that was generated by PuttyGen and I’ve verified that I can connect to the SFTP server using an FTP app (WinSCP) by supplying the user name and this .ppk file (the pass phrase is blank).

However I can’t seem to generate a correct private key that works with the SSH Auth account in SnapLogic.
I opened the file with PuttyGen then selected the menu option Conversion…Export OpenSSH Key. It generated a file like:

blah etc.

I pasted this text into the “private key” field in the SSH Auth setup. However, when I use the account with a “Multi File Reader” snap, I get the error:

Invalid private key
Resolution: Please ensure private key is in OpenSSH key file format.
Reason: Missing private key header/footer might be a possible reason

Can somebody please tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Were you able to find a solution for this issue?
I’d appreciate any comment.

Thank you
Angel Villalobos

Hi. No I didn’t. I think in my case it’s because my key (as I discovered) is in Ed25519 format, i.e. it’s not an RSA key, and you apparently can’t convert between the two formats. See my follow-up question here: Does Snaplogic support Ed25519 SSH keys?
To date yours is the only reply I’ve had, so I’m still in the dark :frowning:

So in my case, this error was caused because I was trying to use an Ed25519 key, which snap (apparently) doesn’t support. Once I created a new key pair in RSA format and registered the public key on the server, it worked.