Snap SDK Javadocs?

In working on custom snaps, I find myself looking for more information about certain classes/methods in the SDK. I have tried searching for the Javadocs but have not found them. Do these exist? If so, can someone provide a link?

We don’t have javadocs available at this time. Do you have any questions about specific interfaces I might be able to help with?

I am trying to write a fairly complex custom snap so I have questions all the time. I end up using a lot of trial and error to figure things out and while it works, it is not very productive. The samples provided are pretty basic so I was hoping for at least some documentation of the API beyond what I see at

As an example for something I had to figure out myself, the PropertyBuilder.describe() method is overloaded to take 1, 2, or 3 strings. The argument names showing up in IntelliJ are worthless (s, s1, s2) for understanding their purpose. The examples are not very helpful either…