SnapLogic and Azure Repos Integration

Hi All,
Looking out for help in integrating the SnapLogic and Azure Repos.
Is there any way to Integrate the Azure Respos and SnapLogic for CI/CD in order to perform the repository operation like Commit, Checkout, pull, etc like we do with the GitHub in the manager tab.

@dmiller @ddellsperger @Dheeraj @AleksandarAngelevski @Spiro_Taleski Looking for help on this.

Hi @alok.tiwari,

Please refer to the link below:

Let me know if this is helpful.


Hi @AleksandarAngelevski
I went through the link I think this will help, Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:.


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Hi @alok.tiwari,

We have just started looking at this also, and will hopefully be migrating from GitHub across to Azure in the next few weeks and then integrate further with Azure Dev Ops. Happy to swap notes, currently awaiting Azure security changes from our Infrastructure team.


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