Snaplogic configurations

Do we need to subscribe for groundplex again if we initially took only cloudplex subscription with snaplogic?
Who need to maintain Groundplex and Cloudplex, do we have an option?

can anyone answer this questions .That would help me a lot.

Snaplogic always manage your cloudplex. Groundplex is maintain by customer themselves and can either be physically reside on-premise or in your private cloud (AWS, MSFT, etc…). Usually, your subscription is by # of plex nodes and can be interchangeable between cloud and ground. e.g. if you have 4 nodes then you can choose any combination of cloud or ground as long as it is 4 nodes or less.


Thank you so much for the quick response . I have one more question like what technology is incorporated to the the schedular of snaplogic.I mean to say how does snaplogic schedular works?

My understanding of the scheduler is natively developed on the platform to provide a way for you to execute any pipeline based on your desire interval.

Note: the cron option give you the most advanced schedule capability.