Snaplogic Generic JDBC


I’m having a small problem with the timestamp between the results coming from Snaplogic Generic JDBC and SQL Teradata SQL assistant.

Main issue is that the timestamp in Snaplogic results shows a different time compared to Teradata SQL assistant. Could you please let me know what I need to change on the Snaplogic side in order to match the timestamp results. Same query used in both places. The format is irrelevant just want to have same date and time e.g. 1st of OCT 2021 00:00:07 instead of 05:00:07 (as in Snaplogic results).

Best Regards,

Hi @Jarek,

This sounds like a Collation issue. Check if there’s a Url setting added in the account you are using in the JDBC snaps.

Hi @bojanvelevski

This is what I have in the account settings. Is there a way to add e.g. UTC format or something similar?