SnapLogic Group Creation and Populate with List of Users

Contributed by @MohammedRafi from Agilisium

The purpose of this pattern is to automate the creation of user groups and add the list of users to the group in SnapLogic using API. This is typically useful for user and access management.


The pipeline validates whether the input groups already exist in SnapLogic and if not, creates a new group and adds the list of users to the group.

The output will be written to a JSON file on SLDB and, we have unconnected output view to get a response using REST calls.

Output Values: It contains the following fields: statusGroup, statusUser, and name.

Sources: Input JSON Message using REST API
Targets: REST API response and SLDB file
Snaps used: REST Get, REST Post, JSON Splitter, Router, Mapper, Unique, Union, Copy, JSON Formatter, and File Writer.


Sample_Input_Message.txt (314 Bytes)
slProvisioning-createGroup.slp (38.6 KB)

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