Snaplogic Pipeline Metadata

Hi ,
I am trying to read the pipeline metadata, specifically the child pipeline names that are invoked from a particular pipeline . I used the Snaplogic Read snap and i have the information in the $snap_map object variable , inside which there are sub areas . But seems the $snap_map is defined for each area of the pipeline and i am not able to read the object property specifically for the ones with child pipelines.
For example : $snap_map[‘06b13e42-5a86-4464-a0fb-7b682cbaddee’].property_map.settings.pipeline.value --> gives me the name of the child pipeline invoked but i am not able to make it generic like $snap_map [ * ] .property_map.settings.pipeline.value

Hi Preeta,

Not sure what is the error message that you receive back, but as not all the $snap_map objects contain the following path ".property_map.settings.pipeline.value, you can change the “Mapping Root” to point at “**snap_map[\*].property_map.settings**", than you can query if the following path exists, with the function ".hasPath()”. And if the path exists than you can map the value of the pipeline name. Please see the screenshot bellow.

Regards, Jovan.

Thank you!!

Hi J,

i am using snaplogic read snap to log all the accounts in my org with details in one file, however in case of basic auth account i am getting $property_map.settings values as below


how ca i extract the password for this kind of case ?

The password is encrypted with a private key, you shouldn’t be able to decrypt it.