Snaps after a pipeline execute are not running

Could someone please comment on why snaps after my pipeline execute will not run. There is not a failure. The pipeline execution completes successfully but the next snap does nothing. Also, after Validation there is no preview.

If the Call HP REST child has an open output port, make sure it is returning data.

If the child has an error handler, then an error may be passing your output there instead of returning to the calling pipeline.

Also, during validation, all snaps in the child should be set have Snap Execution to “Validate & Execute” or you could likely end up not returning data from the child (same as my first point).

Thank you. I have verified again that Validate & Execute is set. The pipeline execute is ultimately writing an S3 file. Like the first ‘child’ pipeline, there is no open output port/view. The first child runs, the second runs. I confirm the file exists. The second pipeline execute is below. I can not help but think there is some box that is not checked correclty.

Hi @ryanlacjak,
To me this looks like an issue with the “Snap Execution” option. Maybe you have some snap that is set to “Execute” inside the child pipeline ? I tried the same thing like this.

Here the child pipeline is the same as yours ( without open output views ).
And I specifically set the first snap “Binary Router” to “Execute”, and as you can see the pipeline execute stops the flow because of that setting. If I set the first snap to “Validate & Execute”, it produces an output.


Another reason could be the Router snap. If both outputs of the Router snap don’t return any result then the Pipeline Execute snap won’t produce any result even if every snap is set to “Validate & Execute”. Here’s an example.
The flow is stopped even though every snap is set to “Validate & Execute”, but if we look closely inside the child pipeline in the binary router snap, both expressions are set to false.
So make sure your expressions in the router are correct.

Thank you for the input. I will keep the Router on my debug list. I have it set to Status == 200 or != 200. One of them should evaluate to true. In this case the file is created. That should mean the router got a true and should return to the parent. Do you know why this would not show an output when executed?

If this image of your child pipeline is correct, then I suspect the disabled “Write To Log” snap is the cause.


I just did some testing with the simplest of parent/child pipelines (child having a router) and the Pipeline Execute does not produce output if I disable a snap on the child’s false router flow.

Thank you. I will make sure I have the error snaps enabled and try again.

that was the issue. Thanks again to all who commented.