"_snaptype_shared_map Objec created automatically

I am creating a Pipeline and SnapLogic is automatically creating “_snaptype_shared_map” object in between my original object. This is created inconsistently, so I am not able to access my object. Anyone have an idea of when is this created and how can I access the object without mentioning this object.


“interface_settings”: {

    "_snaptype_shared_map": {

      "GENERAL": {

        "UNPROCESSED_FOLDER": "Unprocessed",

        "ARCHIVE_FOLDER": "Archive",

        "ERROR_FOLDER": "Error"



Hello @mramaswamy,

If you load your object sample into a JSON Generator, the “_snaptype_shared_map” object is automatically removed. Also, with some functions like iconv, Date etc. the expression builder generates fields with names similar to yours , but only in the preview window: comm1

That’s why I think that this is not a problem with your pipeline or configuration. One way of solving this is to place a Structure snap after your snap where you get this modified object, with the next configuration: comm2

I hope you’ll find this helpful,


Bojan Velevski

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The _snaptype_shared_map is expected when a snap outputs more than one document for a single input which is used as the “original”. If you need more help with this, please show your pipeline (or the relevant segment) and clarify the snaps used in it if necessary.