SOAP Execute has no output

Following the documentation and tutorial (Youtube):

I am not able to view the output (small green box at the right of SOAP Execute) of the SOAP call.

I followed all of the steps precisely. There is no ‘Execute During Preview option’ also (Youtube video is 2018).

I have tested all the methods in SOAPUI before beginning integration work with Oracle Peoplesoft.

How can I at least get output from the SOAP Execute snap?

Output meaning error?
For this you need to add an error output to your soap execute (see screenshot below.

Also helpful might be to see what you are writing or the response.
Here is a link to the original conversation:Questions a soap execute Template

I just ran into the same thing with seeing what I was sending to the soap execute. I was directed to use an xml generator, as shown here where i’m using a copy to send the input to both the soap execute and to the xml generator. The key here is copying your template to the edit xml input in the generator

Output meaning it is a GET method. So after input of a person ID in the mapper snap there is no preview or output of the SOAP execute snap.

I do not believe I need an XML generator to input one “string”. If I am mistaken please let me know.

I believe our questions are not related.

@Raph Correct,you dont need the xml generator to submit… it is only to ‘see’ what you are sending in.

Two ideas:

  1. Add an error output to the soap execute
  2. are you validating? Is the snap step setup for validate and execute?

I already set to Validate & Execute (See first question’s images).

I added ticks to all the boxes above and correctly received a success message. However no output to the hardcoded value.

For e.g. (Server down, so not the actual mapper snap at the moment)

No output is produced provided the required field name to Get Employee. Once again, I have followed steps in tutorials precisely.

@Raph Just to validate, run your pipeline, once it’s completed check the no of document from output view of Soap execute snap from runtime log. If no of document count is 1 , which means you got a response from server, if any error comes either pipeline throw error or it will go to error view.

You click on user setting whether auto validation is checked or not, to get the response during pipeline validation time.


This works @Supratim. Thanks again. Apologies for the delay.