SOAP UI attachments

SOAP UI to export Oracle BIEE application reports:

using below URL.

service name: {urn://}AnalysisExportViewsService
operation: {urn://}initiateAnalysisExport

This call returns

“sawsoap:mimeType”: “text/csv”,
“sawsoap:queryID”: “6_84Xswdg+rJ19FcA”,
“sawsoap:exportStatus”: “InProgress”


"Content-Type": "text/csv",
"Content-ID": "<c3d7670305eddc332cs>",
"Content-Transfer-Encoding": "binary",
"content": ""

Is there any way to make the call wait till the sawsoap:exportStatus equals Done and also please help on the steps for accessing the attachment that is returned in the call.

Use Suceess Condition in the SOAP Execute Snap.