SOQL IN String Literals

I’m trying to pass a String into a Salesforce SOQL query formula. The String is created in an Aggregate snap, which concatenates Ids from records that were queried from another system, and a Mapper. The mapper restructures the string to conform to SOQL requirements by replacing the pipes with commas, wrapping each item in single quotes, and adding parentheses. Below is the expression:


The String Literal looks perfect, but when the String is sent to Salesforce all the single quotes are escaped.


gives the error:

“message”:“\nAND Id IN (\‘a022I00001Jm7uRQAR\’,\‘a022I00001JmCJpQAN\’\n ^\nERROR at Row:4:Column:11\nline 4:11 no viable alternative at character ‘\’”

How do I pass the formatted string to Salesforce without the quotes being escaped?

Answering my own question, there is a checkbox in the SOQL snap to escape single quotes from parameters. If this is unchecked, the single quotes will be passed to Salesforce as-is and are evaluated correctly.