Sort all elements in JSON Object

Hi all,

I’m having an issue where i’m utilizing the the builtin snaps to get details on a pipeline. I’m then pushing these pipeline details to Gitlab to enable version control.
Now my issue is that for some reason (i couldn’t find the culprit yet) the json gets slightly modified either by gitlab or possibly the “read pipeline” snap doesn’t always print the json content in the exact same order.
This results in different base64 encoding and therefore also different SHAs, which is a pure pain when trying to build a version control module.

So now i’m looking into the option of sorting all element in the json object beforehand to make sure that the content aligns. Does anyone have an idea on how to do that?

I’ve looked into two options:
(i) Expression language: {}.extend($.entries().sort((left, right) => left[0].localeCompare(right[0])))
The issue here is, that it will only sort the first level and ignore any sublevels.
(ii) Using a Javascript / Python script to sort the nodes, however there i run into the issue that i’m pretty unfamiliar with the Script snap and it’s a massive pain to use it. With Python it would be pretty easy, but i’ll need the json library, which i’d have to import (and i have no idea where to even begin investigating that).

Edit: Looks like i don’t need to add third party libraries, however i still cant get Python to work:

I can parse inDoc as dictionary, however json.dumps() just won’t work.


# Import the interface required by the Script snap.
from com.snaplogic.scripting.language import ScriptHook
import json

class TransformScript(ScriptHook):
    def __init__(self, input, output, error, log):
        self.input = input
        self.output = output
        self.error = error
        self.log = log

    # The "execute()" method is called once when the pipeline is started
    # and allowed to process its inputs or just send data to its outputs.
    def execute(self):"Executing Transform script")
        while self.input.hasNext():
                # Read the next input document, store it in a new dictionary, and write this as an output document.
                inDoc =

                dictionary = dict(inDoc)
                test = json.dumps(dictionary, sort_keys=True)

                outDoc = {
                    'original' : dictionary
                self.output.write(inDoc, outDoc)
            except Exception as e:
                errDoc = {
                    'error' : str(e)
                self.log.error("Error in python script")
                self.error.write(errDoc)"Script executed")

    # The "cleanup()" method is called after the snap has exited the execute() method
    def cleanup(self):"Cleaning up")

# The Script Snap will look for a ScriptHook object in the "hook"
# variable.  The snap will then call the hook's "execute" method.
hook = TransformScript(input, output, error, log)

Any tips are appreciated, thanks!

Best regards