Specification/documentation layout rearranged after publication in API Portal

Hi All,

I am still new to SnapLogic and the YAML specification, so I apologize if this question is a little ignorant, or if I have not provided enough detail initially below. I have noticed that after I publish an API with a YAML specification. The order of the contents of the specification file are changed from what is seen in the preview tool that is available when uploading documentation from a local file. See below


Once the API is published and viewed in the API Portal, the order of a couple of elements are flipped. Specifically, the “GET” section is rendered after the other listed request methods.

Similarly, the response section shows a couple of the elements in flipped order from how they appear in the spec file and in the above mentioned preview tool.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing this to happen?


Hi @jsmith141

Since the specification is stored as a JSON object there is no guarantee on the order of the keys displayed, and we do not have a way to customize the order displayed at the moment.

Hi @cjhoward18,

Thanks for the reply. That is kinda what I figured was happening. Do you happen to know if controlling the order of the keys being displayed may be something that is possible in a future update, or is it on the list to be added as a product enhancement?

Thanks again