SQL Server No Rows Control Flow

Newbie with Snap Logic.
I’m attempting to build an integration that will run once a day.
The input is coming from a SQL Server database.
There will be days when there will be no data to process.
I’m looking for best practices for determining if there is no data and exiting the pipeline graciously.
I have a SQL Server Execute Snap followed by a Mapper Snap. The Pipeline current fails on the Mapper.
Is it best practice to run a “pre-query” to determine if there are any rows to process and use the “Exit” snap to kill the pipeline? This seems wasteful.
Or use a Data Validator Snap? Not sure how to check the row count.
Or is there another pattern I haven’t found yet?
Thanks for you input.

Hi @bigdogz

You can use the checkbox “Igonore Empty Result”.


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You can try a Router Snap as shown in Performing an Action when there is no data .

I clearly did not understand how the “Ignore empty result” setting workd, but this did fix the problem. Thank you.

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